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Latest Product - PKT 200 Ultra Portable

This mini power packed PKT23 UHF radio from KENWOOD is the ultimate radio for your nice & trendy restaurant/cafe!

PKT200 UHF Radio

Key Features

  • Simple and Compact design
  • Intuitive to operate - all keys are on the front panel
  • Small, light and slim
  • Includes all 8 PMR446 Channels pre-programmed
  • Comes complete with Battery, Charger and Belt Clip

Small, Discreet, Compact

Fitting in the palm of your hand, the PKT-23 is easy to take anywhere your staff needs to go. At only 110 g, it can fit comfortably in a pocket or attached with the included belt clip.

PKT-23 is the smallest & lightest 2-Way Radio from Kenwood. Dimensions W: 46mm x H: 85 mm x D:21 mm *excluding the antenna.


Simple Operation

PKT 200 is made for everyone. Egonomically designed, the front panel button layout makes the PKT-23 easy to operate.

8 Channels with Voice Guide

The PKT-23 provides up to 8 channels, allowing you to assign channels to specific team members. The Voice Guide alerts you when you change channels.

Calling Alert

You are alerted to an incoming call by the flashing LED light and a beep.


Tough - MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G

Complies with IP54 (dust/water resistant) and durability meeting or exceeding MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G 11 items.


Powerful, Lasting and Easy Charging

The PKT-23 offers 500 mWatts of power, for direct radio-to-radio communication on the same frequency. The built-in 1,430 mAh lithium-ion battery provides up to 15 hours of use.

Charge 6 radios at the same time with the multi-charger, using the optional extra fast charger KSC-44CR and the KSC-44ML AC adapter multiple.


Ultra Flexibilty

Built-in 3.5D Jack

Connect the KHS-33 or KHS-34 headphone for better use in noisy environments or for private conversations.

*Headphones and earphones are not supplied with the unit.

Built-in VOX

Built-in VOX allows hand free operation which automatically starts transmission in response to your voice when using an external microphone. (VOX = a voice operated switch, also known as VOX or Voice Operated eXchange, is a switch that operates when sound over a certain threshold is detected. Learn More.... )


Micro USB Port

Easily extends the battery life of the radio, the standard micro USB port lets you charge the radio with a standard power bank. Talking about portability.


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