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Helpful Tips- How to Talk Over the Radio


Radio communication has got its own way of speaking know as Voice Procedures. Mainly it was developed to address the limitations & challenges of single channel communication.

In single channel (our phones uses two channels; one to speak and the other to listen) radio communication, only one radio operator is allowed to speak at any one time and the rest will receive the conversations. Somewhat like a conference call except that each radio operator will be at their separate locations.

It is also a standard practice when initializing a call to Call-Out to the person you want to speak to by using his/her CallSigns and followed by identifying yourself. 

Oscar wanted to tell Romeo to move to location B.
Oscar: Hello Romeo this is Oscar, message over.
Romeo: This is Romeo, send over.
Oscar: Go to location B right now.
Romeo: Roger that.
Oscar: Nothing further, Out.

Below are commonly used Voice Procedures and their meanings;

  • Affirmative / Affirm — Yes.
  • Copy — I heard what you just said; ok; all right.
  • Send — Send your transmission.
  • Negative — No
  • Out — I have finished talking to you and do not expect a reply.
  • Over — I have finished talking and I am listening for your reply. Short for "Over to you."
  • Reading you strength Five / Loud and clear — Clarity of transmissions are rated from 1 to 5, and 5 been the clearest.
  • Roger — “I have received all of the last transmission" 
  • Wilco — “Will Comply”. This is a very strong word and it’s above Roger and Affirmative. More to affirming an Order.
  • Roger So Far — Confirm you have received and understood the contents of my transmission so far. This is used during Long Message Procedure
  • Say again — Please repeat your last message
  • Standby or Wait, over — Pause for the next transmission. 
  • Wait, out — I do not have the answer or information at hand, I will attempt to source the answer or information requested shortly but until then I have finished talking and do not expect a reply. 

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